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Welcome to the Igbo Language and Cultural School of Regina.

Our Mission

Language is an important part of the culture of a people. It is through their language that a given people express their folk tales, myths, proverbs and history. No culture can survive without the retention of its language. Just like it is the case in other places where Ndi Igbo in the diaspora are found, it has become a huge concern that children of Igbo immigrants in Regina are in serious danger of loosing completely the linguistic heritage of their parents. The primary goal of the Igbo Language and Cultural School is to strengthen the cultural identity of the Igbo community in Regina by ensuring the retention and survival of the lgbo language. 

The culture of Ndi Igbo finds expressions in their agriculture, intellectual reasoning, moral values, dresses, foods, kinship, marriages and languages. Other avenues of expressing the culture include the customs, beliefs, burial, social norms, religion, social and material traits of the Igbo people. How a culture survives depends on the people’s capacity to transmit it to the succeeding generations. The Igbo Language and Cultural School aims at realizing this objective. We cannot stand idle and watch as our language goes extinct in our time.

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